Affiliate Disclosure

This site contains product affiliate links. We may receive a commission if you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links.

Where does the money come from to maintain this site?

Beyond paying for a web server and the many software and services that go along with maintaining a website such as programming and information security services, we also purchase many products for review with us. All of these cost quite a bit and our way of doing this is through advertising! Our advertising is through the links to the products we recommend. What it means? that when you click on a link on the website for a recommended product and decide to purchase it – we receive a small advertising fee from the store you bought it from (of course this does not affect the price you pay!).

It is important for us that you know: there is almost no link on the Internet that is not advertising! But you don’t know this because websites always hide the special links in all kinds of ways so that it seems to you that it is a direct and normal link to the store. We have a policy of transparency and all links are displayed as they are, without hiding anything. We are proud of the service we provide to our surfing public and we do not hide our funding sources.

So how do I know the recommendations are objective?

We do not receive anything and no monetary or other consideration from the manufacturers and companies we recommend. Therefore we have no interest in recommending one company over another. That is, the recommendation of the products is completely objective and without reservations.
On the other hand, we profit from advertising the stores to which our links point – and they are stores that we have personally tested (by ordering several products) and follow them all the time to see that they are the best, the most reliable and the most professional. Of course, our readers are welcome to buy the products at any store that appears By the way, all the information, including the exact models of the devices is accessible in white Kiddush letters and there is no problem to buy them in any store. Nevertheless, we strongly emphasize the importance of buying from a recommended and tested store and we would be happy if you would buy from the stores we link to so that we can be rewarded for our hard work.

How can I help you?

If you found our recommendations useful, we’d love for you to just buy through us 🙂

It should be remembered that in most cases we only receive a commission if you bought immediately after clicking on the link of the product on our website. That’s why we ask, if you think we deserve to earn something for our work on the site – that just before you finally decide to purchase, go through our site, click on our link and buy through it. We do not receive a commission for the mere “click” on a link, but only for actual purchases.

It also helps you!

When you buy through us, we all together become a big buying power in front of these stores. This allows us to get you unique deals and coupons only for our surfers, but much, much more important than that – it gives us power in front of the stores to give our surfers a real guarantee for their products. What happens is that providing a warranty is a thorn in the side of the stores and they will do everything to save themselves this expense.

On the one hand, it’s hard to blame them! They are also required to be the most competitive in price against any other store in the world that avoids responsibility serially and thus saves itself a fortune. But when the buyer suddenly wants a warranty, he expects the service of a customer who bought a luxury brand at an overpriced price that of course embodies the fake (and fake?!) service. In addition, many people receive their package and then complain that they did not receive it in order to be rewarded – this is a widespread phenomenon that causes very large losses for stores.

On the other hand, most of us are honest customers, want to buy a product at a fair price and pay a fair price and receive fair service. And we are actually harmed by the behavior of irresponsible sellers and shameless buyers! So here we are at What Best? Compare comes into the picture, because the more careful you are to purchase through us, the more momentum we have to exert on the stores that will give our good surfers the service they deserve! When we make good sales for stores, it allows us to put pressure on them to provide better service. We have already helped many people in front of the stores and it’s only thanks to you! Because you make us a great buying power in front of them. We are not in a position to issue an ultimatum to these stores yet, but we certainly have a great influence and with your help it will only grow until we can ensure that you receive the best service in the world. And we are not exaggerating.