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Blink Mini: A Compact Security Solution for Every Home


Why are we reviewing the Blink Mini? In a market saturated with smart security cameras, the Blink Mini stands out for its affordable price, easy setup, and impressive features. In this review, we will delve into the details of this indoor plug-in smart security camera and explore why it has garnered over 269,085 reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Amazon Official Site: Blink Mini

What’s New

The Blink Mini was released recently and is the latest addition to the Blink lineup of security cameras. While it shares some similarities with its predecessors, it brings a more compact design and improved features. This 1080P HD camera offers clear and detailed video footage, ensuring you never miss a moment.

One notable change from previous editions is the integration of two-way audio, allowing you to hear and speak to people and pets in your home directly from your smartphone. This feature enhances the camera’s functionality by enabling real-time communication and monitoring.

Main Benefits

The Blink Mini offers several key benefits that make it a top choice for indoor home security:

1. High-Quality Video: With 1080P HD resolution, the Blink Mini captures crisp and clear video footage, delivering a detailed view of your home at all times.

2. Motion Detection: Equipped with advanced motion detection technology, the Blink Mini sends instant alerts to your smartphone whenever motion is detected. This feature ensures that you stay informed of any activity inside your home, providing peace of mind and enhanced security.

3. Two-Way Audio: The inclusion of two-way audio allows you to not only monitor but also communicate with individuals in your home. Whether it’s checking in on your children or speaking to a delivery person, the Blink Mini enables seamless interaction from anywhere.

4. Easy Setup: Setting up the Blink Mini is a breeze. Simply plug in the camera, connect it to your Wi-Fi, and follow the instructions in the free Blink Home Monitor app. Within minutes, you’ll have a fully functional security camera protecting your home.

Amazon Official Site: Blink Mini

Compared to Others. Pros & Cons

Compared to other similar products on the market, the Blink Mini offers distinct advantages:

– Affordable: The Blink Mini provides excellent value for its price, making it an accessible option for those on a budget.
– Easy Installation: The plug-and-play setup ensures a hassle-free installation process, even for those with limited technical knowledge.
– Two-Way Audio: The ability to listen and speak through the camera adds an extra layer of convenience and security.
– Alexa Compatibility: The Blink Mini seamlessly integrates with supported Alexa-enabled devices, enabling voice control and live view access.

– Lack of Battery Option: Unlike some other smart security cameras, the Blink Mini requires a constant power source, limiting its flexibility in terms of placement.

User Reviews

With over 269,085 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.4 stars, the Blink Mini has garnered significant praise from users. Let’s take a look at what some users have to say:

– “I am incredibly impressed with the video quality of this camera. The 1080P resolution ensures crystal-clear images, even in low light conditions.” – Sarah R.

– “The motion detection feature works flawlessly. I receive instant notifications on my phone whenever there is any movement in the designated areas. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I will be alerted if anything out of the ordinary occurs.” – John M.

– “The two-way audio is a game-changer. I can easily communicate with my kids and pets, even when I’m not at home. It’s like having a virtual presence in the house.” – Emily S.

These testimonials highlight the positive experiences that users have had with the Blink Mini, emphasizing its exceptional video quality, reliable motion detection, and the convenience of two-way audio.

Amazon Official Site: Blink Mini


The Blink Mini offers various customization options to tailor the camera’s settings to your specific needs:

– Motion Detection Zones: You have the ability to customize motion detection zones, allowing you to focus on areas that matter the most. This feature minimizes false alerts and ensures you are notified only when necessary.

– Clip Saving and Sharing: With the Blink Subscription Plan or the Sync Module 2 (sold separately), you can save and share clips from your camera. This allows for convenient access to important footage and effortless sharing with family and friends.

Product Alternatives

While the Blink Mini offers impressive features and value, there are alternative options available in the market. Some notable alternatives include the Wyze Cam and the Google Nest Cam Indoor.

The Wyze Cam offers similar features to the Blink Mini at a comparable price point. It also boasts 1080P HD video quality, motion detection, and two-way audio. However, it lacks the seamless integration with Alexa devices that the Blink Mini offers.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor, on the other hand, delivers advanced features such as facial recognition and person alerts. While it provides a more comprehensive home security experience, it comes at a higher price point compared to the Blink Mini.

Ultimately, the choice between the Blink Mini and its alternatives depends on individual preferences, budget, and specific requirements.


1. Can I use the Blink Mini outdoors?
No, the Blink Mini is designed for indoor use only. It is not weatherproof and may get damaged if exposed to outdoor elements.

2. Do I need a subscription to use the Blink Mini?
No, a subscription is not mandatory to use the Blink Mini. However, a subscription plan offers additional features such as extended cloud storage and advanced customization options.

3. Can I connect multiple Blink Mini cameras to the same account?
Yes, you can connect multiple Blink Mini cameras to the same account. This allows you to monitor different areas of your home from a single app.

4. Can I use the Blink Mini with my existing Blink Sync Module?
Yes, the Blink Mini is compatible with the Blink Sync Module 2, which can be purchased separately. This allows you to locally store footage and access additional customization options.

In conclusion, the Blink Mini stands out as an affordable, feature-rich indoor security camera. With its high-quality video, motion detection, two-way audio, and easy installation, it provides reliable home monitoring at a fraction of the cost of some competitors. Whether you’re a new homeowner or looking to enhance your existing security system, the Blink Mini offers a user-friendly and effective solution.

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