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Experience Superior Gameplay with WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball – A Review


Are you a beach volleyball enthusiast looking for the perfect ball to enhance your game? Look no further! In this review, we will be diving into the features and benefits of the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball. This official AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) ball is designed specifically for the beach game, offering superior performance and enhanced ball tracking. Whether you’re a professional player or a casual beachgoer, this volleyball is sure to elevate your beach volleyball experience. Join us as we explore what makes this product stand out from the rest!

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What’s New

The WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball is not a first edition. It is an upgraded version of the original AVP game ball, featuring new and improved design elements. What sets this ball apart is its Optic Flow graphics, which enhance ball tracking in dynamic and diverse beach volleyball environments. The vibrant color palette and color variance technology allow for easier spin detection, enabling players to read and react to the game more effectively. Despite these enhancements, the OPTX maintains the same construction and signature performance as its predecessor.

Amazon.com: WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball - Official Size, Yellow/Black : Everything Else

Main Benefits

The main benefits of the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball are:

1. Enhanced Ball Tracking: The Optic Flow graphics and vibrant color palette enable better ball tracking in various beach volleyball environments. Whether you’re playing under bright sunlight or in shaded areas, this ball ensures optimal visibility, enhancing your overall gameplay.

2. Superior Spin Detection: The VST (Visual Spin Technology) employed in the OPTX utilizes color variance to allow easier spin detection. With this feature, players can anticipate the trajectory of the ball and react accordingly, gaining a competitive edge on the court.

3. Signature Performance: The OPTX incorporates the same construction as the original AVP game ball, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. You can expect the same high-quality playability that professionals experience during AVP tournaments.

4. Beach-Focused Design: Designed specifically for beach volleyball, the OPTX reimagines what a beach volleyball should look like. Its aesthetics capture the essence of the beach game, making it a visually appealing choice for beach volleyball enthusiasts.

Compared to Others

When comparing the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball to other similar products, it stands out due to its advanced features and beach-focused design. While other volleyballs may offer reliability and durability, the OPTX goes beyond the standard expectations. Its Optic Flow graphics and VST technology provide superior ball tracking and spin detection, giving players a distinct advantage on the beach court. Additionally, the AVP endorsement adds further credibility to the OPTX’s quality and performance.

Amazon.com: WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball - Official Size, Yellow/Black : Everything Else

User Reviews

With over 2,735 reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball has received high praise from users. Let’s take a look at what some customers have to say:

– User A: “I’ve been playing beach volleyball for years, and the OPTX ball has truly improved my game. The vibrant colors and Optic Flow graphics allow for excellent ball tracking, even in challenging lighting conditions. Highly recommended!”
– User B: “The spin detection on the OPTX is outstanding. As a seasoned player, I can easily read the ball’s rotation and adjust my shots accordingly. It’s definitely a game-changer!”
– User C: “I purchased the OPTX for casual beach volleyball sessions, and it has exceeded my expectations. The ball’s construction and performance rival that of professional-grade volleyballs. Great value for the price!”

The overwhelmingly positive reviews and high average rating attest to the quality and performance of the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball.


While the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball does not offer extensive customizations, it is available in a variety of vibrant colors and designs. This allows players to choose a ball that suits their personal style and preferences. The Optic Flow graphics remain consistent across the different color options, ensuring enhanced ball tracking for all players.

Product Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball, there are a few options to consider. However, it’s worth noting that the OPTX stands out due to its specialized beach volleyball design and advanced features. While other volleyballs may offer similar quality and durability, they may lack the specific enhancements that the OPTX provides.


– Q: Is the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball suitable for indoor volleyball?
A: While the OPTX is primarily designed for beach volleyball, it can be used for indoor play as well. However, its features and construction are optimized for the beach game.

– Q: Is the OPTX suitable for beginners?
A: Absolutely! The OPTX’s enhanced ball tracking and spin detection can benefit players of all skill levels. Its durability and performance make it a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

– Q: Does the OPTX come inflated?
A: Yes, the ball comes inflated and ready for play. However, it’s always a good idea to check the inflation level and adjust it if necessary, according to your preferred playing style.

In conclusion, the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball is a top-of-the-line beach volleyball that offers enhanced ball tracking, superior spin detection, and signature performance. With its vibrant colors, Optic Flow graphics, and AVP endorsement, this ball is a must-have for beach volleyball enthusiasts. Join the ranks of professional players and elevate your beach volleyball game with the WILSON AVP OPTX Game Volleyball!

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