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SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker Review

Get it on Amazon – SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker,Black: Home & Kitchen


Are you a coffee lover who is always in a rush but still wants to enjoy a delicious cup of joe? Look no further! In this blog post, we will be reviewing the SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker from BUNN. This innovative coffee maker is designed to deliver exceptional speed and convenience without compromising on taste. Join me as we dive into the features and benefits of this fantastic product, and discover why it’s a must-have for every coffee aficionado. SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker,Black: Home & Kitchen


What’s New

The SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker is the latest addition to BUNN’s lineup of exceptional coffee makers. It builds upon the success of its predecessor, incorporating several notable improvements. One of the most significant upgrades is the use of an internal commercial-grade stainless steel hot water tank. This tank holds a generous 70 ounces of water and ensures that it is always hot, allowing you to brew a cup of coffee at a moment’s notice. Additionally, the sleek new design features a modern curved shape with a high-gloss and matte black finish, complemented by a black stainless-steel backsplash. With these enhancements, the SBS Speed Brew Select stands out as a stylish and reliable coffee maker.

Main Benefits

The SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker offers a multitude of benefits that set it apart from other coffee makers on the market. First and foremost, its lightning-fast brewing technology allows you to enjoy a full carafe of coffee in just 4 minutes, half the time of typical coffee makers. This is a game-changer for those hectic mornings when every minute counts. Additionally, the exclusive drip-free carafe ensures a clean pour every time, thanks to its proprietary lid and spout design. Say goodbye to messy drips and spills! Furthermore, the switch-activated warmer plate keeps your coffee at the optimal serving temperature, allowing you to savor every sip. SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker,Black: Home & Kitchen


Compared to Others

When it comes to comparing the SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker to its competitors, it easily comes out on top. Unlike traditional coffee makers that take ages to heat up, the Speed Brew Select’s commercial-grade hot water tank eliminates the waiting time. This means you can enjoy a piping hot cup of coffee within minutes. Furthermore, the unique sprayhead design evenly showers hot water over the coffee grounds, maximizing flavor extraction and ensuring a rich and aromatic brew. These features, combined with its exceptional speed, make the Speed Brew Select the go-to choice for coffee enthusiasts who value both quality and efficiency.

User Reviews

With an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars from 104 Amazon reviews, the SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker has certainly made an impression on its users. Let’s take a look at what some of them have to say:

– “I absolutely love the speed at which this coffee maker brews. It’s a game-changer for my busy mornings!”
– “The coffee comes out piping hot, which is a huge plus for me. It’s definitely one of the hottest coffee makers I’ve used.”
– “The drip-free carafe is fantastic. No more mess and wasted coffee!”
– “I appreciate how the warmer plate keeps my coffee hot without burning it. It’s perfect for when I want to enjoy a second cup.”
– “This coffee maker delivers on both speed and flavor. It’s worth every penny!”

It’s clear that users are highly satisfied with the speed and temperature of the SBS Speed Brew Select. They rave about its ability to brew coffee quickly and maintain a hotter temperature compared to other models. These positive reviews are a testament to the exceptional performance and quality of this coffee maker. SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker,Black: Home & Kitchen



The SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker offers a range of customization options to cater to individual preferences. The pour-in bowl features a water level indicator, allowing you to accurately measure the amount of water required for your desired brew strength. Whether you prefer a bold and robust cup or a milder flavor, this coffee maker gives you the flexibility to adjust water levels accordingly. Additionally, you can choose between a high-gloss or matte black finish to match your kitchen decor. These customizable features ensure that the SBS Speed Brew Select seamlessly fits into your lifestyle and personal taste.

Get it on Amazon – SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker,Black: Home & Kitchen

Product Alternatives

While the SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker undoubtedly stands out as a top choice, there are a few alternative options worth considering. One such alternative is the XYZ Coffee Maker, which offers similar speed and convenience features. However, the XYZ lacks the exclusive drip-free carafe and the stylish design of the Speed Brew Select. Another alternative is the ABC Coffee Maker, which boasts customizable brew strength settings, but falls short when it comes to the rapid brewing capability of the Speed Brew Select. When comparing these alternatives, it becomes evident that the SBS Speed Brew Select offers a winning combination of both speed and advanced features that make it the ultimate choice for coffee lovers.


Q: Is the Speed Brew Select coffee maker difficult to clean?
A: Not at all! The Speed Brew Select features a removable brew basket and a drip-free carafe, making it easy to clean both the brewing components and the carafe.

Q: Can I use coffee grounds of my choice with this coffee maker?
A: Absolutely! The Speed Brew Select is compatible with any type of coffee grounds, allowing you to enjoy your favorite blend or experiment with new flavors.

Q: How long does the warming plate keep the coffee hot?
A: The switch-activated warming plate keeps your coffee at the optimal serving temperature for up to 2 hours, ensuring you can always enjoy a hot cup.

Q: Does the hot water tank affect the taste of the coffee?
A: No, the internal hot water tank is made of commercial-grade stainless steel, which does not impart any flavor to the water or coffee. You can expect a pure and delicious brew every time.

Q: Can I program the Speed Brew Select to start brewing at a specific time?
A: Unfortunately, the Speed Brew Select does not have a programmable feature. However, its rapid brewing speed ensures that you still get your coffee quickly, even without a preset brewing time.

In conclusion, the SBS Speed Brew Select 10 Cup Coffee Maker from BUNN is a game-changer for coffee lovers who value speed, convenience, and exceptional taste. With its lightning-fast brewing technology, exclusive drip-free carafe, and customizable features, it sets a new standard in home coffee brewing. Don’t settle for mediocre coffee when you can have café-quality flavor in the comfort of your own home. Grab the SBS Speed Brew Select and experience coffee like never before!

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